What does a DBA have in common with the President?

Another TERRIFIC excerpt from Thomas LaRock’s book “DBA Survivor: Become a Rockstar DBA”. If you haven’t bought this book already, you need to cancel your Internet subscription.

Do you really have anything in common with the President? Yes. More than you probably realize. First, about half of the people around you doubt whether you are qualified to actually hold the job you have been given. Second, every time you make a decision or plot a course of action, you will constantly be criticized, even by your supporters. And third, you are going to be judged by what you accomplish in your first one hundred days, good or bad, even if it is not in your control. Every four years we elect a new President, and the person in office is always subject to approval ratings. You will have your own version of this fact of life; it is called your annual performance review. Come review time, you want your approval ratings to be as high as possible.

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