Oracle Autonomous Database: Oracle Machine Learning, APEX, SQL Developer Web

This post is part of a series of blog posts on the Oracle Autonomous Database.

Oracle Machine Learning

Workflow Tasks for using Oracle Machine Learning:

  1. Create Oracle Machine Learning user
  2. Create workspaces
  3. Create projects
  4. Create notebooks
  5. Run SQL scripts/statements

Please note: Oracle Machine Learning users can also be created using SQL Developer.

Oracle Application Express (APEX)

  • APEX is automatically enabled in the autonomous database
  • Access is through the Service Console
  • The initial access is through the “admin” user (in the Internal workspace)

APEX and SQL Developer Web Access Requirements with ADB-D:

  • Must be inside customer VCN
  • Service user Database Admin is automatically granted use of tooling
  • Database users must be enabled to use tooling using ORDS.ENABLE_SCHEMA
p_schema=> 'HRUSER', -- the database user name
p_url_mapping_type=> 'BASE_PATH',
p_url_mapping_pattern=> 'hr_alias', -- determines URI template for RESTful Services
p_auto_rest_auth=> TRUE ); -- authenticate request before any request can be serviced

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