Education and Certifications

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DBA/IT Certifications:

La Trobe University – Bachelor of Information Technology (Completed 2014)

  • Dean’s Honours List 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Weighted Average Mark (WAM): 91.96
  • Member of Golden Key International Society

I conducted the laboratories and tutorials for the following undergraduate subjects during my studies at La Trobe:

  • Database Systems (CSE2DBF)
    Relational database design and implementation, relational algebra, normalization, and advanced topics such as stored procedures and triggers using Oracle 11G. The subject also touched on the social and ethical issues and the responsibilities of database professionals.
  • System Design Engineering Fundamentals (CSE2DES)
    Students were taught advanced object-oriented conceptual modeling using UML Notation. In particular, use case modeling, structural domain models, sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, and state machine diagrams were covered. In addition, students were introduced to several development methodologies – in particular Agile and SDLC.
  • Information Systems (CSE1IS)
    Helped students understand the concepts of an information system, SDLC, fact-finding techniques in system analysis, data flow diagrams and E-R modeling. Also assisted students with I/O interface design, file conversion and implementation techniques.
University Results
Subject Code Subject Title Mark Grade
CSE1ITF Information Technology Fundamentals 94 A
CSE1PE Programming Environment 93 A
PHI1CRT Critical Thinking 96 A
STA1DCT Data Based Critical Thinking 96 A
CSE1IS Information Systems 96 A
CSE1OOF Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals 97 A
ECO1IMA Macroeconomics 92 A
MDS1TRW The Roman World : Myth and Empire 80 A
CSE1IOO Intermediate Object-Oriented Programming 99 A
CSE2DBF Database System Fundamentals 86 A
CSE2NEF Network Engineering Fundamentals 93 A
MAT1DM Discrete Mathematics 91 A
CSE2AIF Artificial Intelligence 92 A
CSE2DES System Design & Engineering 97 A
CSE2IEP Industry Enterprise Practices 87 A
CSE2ISD Information Systems Development 94 A
CSE3BDC Big Data Management on the Cloud 91 A
CSE3DMS Database Management Systems 98 A
CSE3SDM System Design and Methodologies 86 A
CSE4DWD Data Warehouse Concepts and Design 98 A
CSE3MQR Metrics, Quality and Reliability 86 A
CSE3OAD Object-Oriented Application Development 98 A
CSE3PE Professional Environment 77 B
CSE5ADB Advanced Databases 90 A

Mill Park Secondary College – VCE (Completed 2011)

  • Top 10% in Victoria for the subjects “Software Development” and “IT Applications”