Oracle Autonomous Database: Dedicated Infrastructure

This post is part of a series of blog posts on the Oracle Autonomous Database.

Resource Components:

  1. Exadata Infrastructure
  2. Container Database
  3. Autonomous Database
  • Fleet Administrator provisions Exadata Infrastructure by specifying its size, availability domain, and region
  • Fleet Administrator then partitions the system by provisioning desired clusters and container databases
  • Developers & DBAs provision databases (PDBs) within container databases
  • Billing is based on size of Exadata Infrastructure and number of CPUs used by the databases

ADB-Dedicated General Selection Considerations

  • Higher cost entry. Must subscribe to minimum 48 hours Exadata Infrastructure
  • Includes Availability Domain placement controls for latency sensitive apps
  • Policy controls for patch scheduling and software versioning.
    Oracle manages all patching, but you can control what version and when.
  • You must setup a VCN for ADB-D. It is mandatory. VCN must exist before provisioning Exadata infrastructure.

ADB Feature Comparison

Feature | ADB Dedicated | ADB Shared

Create Tablespace | YES | NO
Transparent Application Continuity | YES | NO (Application Continuity only)
Clone Support | YES | YES
Profile | YES | NO
Auto Scaling | YES | YES
OCI Notification Services Integrated | YES | NO (Classic Admin Notifications)
EM Monitoring | YES | NO
Private Single Tenant | YES | NO
Controllable Software Update Version | YES | NO
Controllable Software Update Schedule | YES | NO
Availability Domain Placement Choice | YES | NO
Non-TLS SQL*Net | YES | NO

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